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 BMBHA - Secretary

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PostSubject: BMBHA - Secretary   Thu Feb 05, 2009 5:20 pm

Brighton Marina Berth Holders Association - Secretary
Job description

Attend and take notes at committee meetings
These meetings are usually held twice monthly in a local pub.
The minutes need to be typed up and circulated to all committee/sub committee members with a hard copy, signed off by the Chair, and kept on file.

Members meetings
Take notes, type up and circulate to all of committee for approval.
Any questions for Premier management will then be put onto the agenda for the next liaison meeting. After answers have come back add them to the notes and get the web team to upload the whole document.

As above.

Keep a copy of our insurance details. Let the Treasurer know when renewal is due (currently in November each year) in advance in order for a cheque to be raised and sent.

The Secretary is a counter signatory for the Association. All cheques for the bank account need to be signed by two of the following committee members treasurer, secretary and chair.

RYA guidance notes
Keep a copy for reference and for other committee members to use as required.

Contact details list
This list has all committee and sub committee members contact details on. Update/amend on a regular basis and circulate by e-mail or hard copy to all committee members.

Some local businesses offer discounts to our members on production of their membership card. Keep an up to date list of the sponsors contact details with the offer instructions. Keep the sponsors updated with BMBHA activity (send copies of newsletter etc with note to say thanks for ongoing support).
Whenever possible try to secure new sponsors. Confirm new sponsors with a letter and window display cards.
Keep the list of sponsors on website, in newsletter and on notice boards updated.

After the quarterly newsletter is published send a copy to each of the advertisers with a note to say thanks and a request for payment to be sent via the office.
Give a list of those due to pay to the treasurer so a record can be kept of payments outstanding. Whoever is doing the letters to the advertisers for the next addition of the newsletter can then get information on who has not paid and put a reminder for payment in with the letter.

Newsletter archive
Once the newsletter has been produced send one copy to the British Library Archive. This is a legal requirement for all Associations. Address details and pre printed comp slips in the file.

Notice boards
Although all committee members are responsible for helping with this it is important the boards are kept up to date. Clear and refresh whenever possible. Keep locks free with a regular spray of WD40.

Documents produced by committee members
Keep a copy of all newsletters, posters and documents on file for history.

Keep a stock of:-
Membership and associate membership forms
Comp slips
Raffle prize slips
Envelopes and stamps.
Finance forms for paying in and for requesting payment
Guest Lists let the Yacht Club have copies on a regular basis for club nights and events
Supper choice lists, used in the Yacht Club on seminar evenings.

Keep a copy of our website details including all passwords.
Let the Treasurer know when fees are due.

The rest is general admin and support as and when required.

Please respond to this topic if you are intersted or email
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PostSubject: Re: BMBHA - Secretary   Wed Sep 02, 2009 4:59 pm

Position now filled.
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BMBHA - Secretary
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